SEAL’s ELP MBA from the UK

Learn, Earn & Multiply Opportunities for Success in Business!

SEAL’s revolutionary, forward-thinking approach to education now combines our Entrepreneur Learner Pathway with a Masters in Business Administration from the UK.

It is time to disrupt conventional ideas of education, giving you the chance to learn new concepts and ideas while working and applying as you go. Gain valuable business acumen during this program while also earning a masters of business administration degree.

In this two year program, you gain essential skills required to start your business before your graduate as you learn and get mentored by experts and professionals with several years of experience in the industry, thus creating an international network for entrepreneurial connections.

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ELP MBA from the UK

    ELP MBA from the UK

    Students will gain invaluable experience, innovate, strategise, and acquire a strong business foundation. Experience an unorthodox education system that provides you with the necessary exposure and environment to confidently apply knowledge in a more tangible and real manner.

    Formulate and Solidify your Entrepreneurship Journey with SEAL!

    SEAL’s ELP MBA Program delivers the necessary experience of building a business from the ground up regardless of past failures or successes. Learn how to turn an idea into a concept, develop a business plan and subsequently grow and nurture your business into a profitable and valuable enterprise.

    Every student will graduate with a masters degree certificate from the University of Bolton and key certifications from Harvard Business School, ATHE and SEAL.

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