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We are SEAL

The School of Entrepreneurship and Learning

SEAL is a virtual college with the core aim of providing affordable, top-quality education to anyone, anywhere. The conventional global model of teaching and learning undergoing a paradigm shift.

The future economy requires creative entrepreneurs and a skilled industry-ready workforce – individuals who can solve pressing needs or develop enriching experiences.

SEAL aims to bridge this gap between the current education model and entrepreneurial, innovative learning. We believe that entrepreneurship’s most influential teachers and inspirers are entrepreneurs themselves.

The SEAL Learning Model

At SEAL, you will be mentored by global business leaders and successful entrepreneurs who help break your conventional thinking barriers. Our learning model stands on the following pillars:

Learners First

We put our students’ learning first using Coassemble LMS that tracks progress through our engaging authored content. Any learning bottlenecks alert faculty to step in with individualised learning paths.

Engaging Content

The Coassemble LMS demands student engagement through its quick and straightforward content authoring tools. Our faculty ensure course content is industry-current, relevant and practical. Programs are designed to keep learners involved, interested, and highly engaged.

Practical Learning

All SEAL students will have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life and develop an entrepreneurial mindset - by developing their business plan, learning vital business concepts, practically tackling challenges, and finding solutions through a hands-on approach from mentors from the business world.

Blended Virtual Learning

We mimic the on-campus classroom experience with a 5-day weekly timetable of up to 16 instructor-led classroom sessions - Live tutorials and recorded lectures with optional 1-to-1 tutorials.

Interactive Learning Experience

Our real-time virtual classroom consists of interactive tutorials and lectures, instant group chats to exchange ideas and different points of view between student peers across the globe.

Mentorship and Coaching

The most effective teachers and inspirers of entrepreneurship and innovative learning are entrepreneurs themselves. SEAL’s programs give you access to venture capitalists and angel investors, mentors who take you through the entrepreneurship process, help devise your business plan and streamline your startup journey.

Career Counselling

SEAL helps young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs hone their skills, perfect their ideas and build their ventures from the ground up – with 1:1 sessions with experienced industry professionals

For Entrepreneurs

Get help perfecting your business plan, developing
your sales pitch, gain access to venture capitalists
and much more!

For Professionals

Industry experts validate your ideas, gain access
to expert career counsellors & industry leaders, and
determine your potential with a Psychometrics Test.

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