SEAL’s ELP Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Fast track your way to a successful venture!

Drive innovation, implement effective strategies and move beyond traditional business models with the Entrepreneur Learner Pathway Program from SEAL

These entreprenuership courses are designed to shake up the current obsolete education system and raise individuals who are business savvy and can make the most out of valuable ideas.

Our 6-month ELP Certificate in Entrepreneurship will equip you with the skills required to generate a business idea, successfully set up your business, pitch to investors, raise funds, help your employees think creatively and rapidly generate and apply ideas

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ELP Certificate in Entrepreneurship

    ELP Certificate in Entrepreneurship

    Students will develop an entrepreneurial mindset and learn how to think innovatively, moving beyond standard business models. The course will build on core skills like communication, team-work, problem-solving, and quick decision making.

    Learn. Strategise. Innovate.

    SEAL’s Entrepreneur Learner Pathway (ELP) aims to raise a generation with an entrepreneurial mindset and nurture candidates not just to grow their ideas but develop concepts into successful ventures.

    Every student who graduates from the ELP will receive world-renowned professional entrepreneurship certification from Harvard Business School Online and the Digital Marketing Institute.

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