Data Science

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Step Into the Future with a Career in Data Science

Data Science is a booming profession, with reports estimating the creation of 11.5 million jobs by 2026. Understanding the theory behind Data Science and the methodologies that can be applied will enable you to implement a forward-looking approach to past and current data and predict future outcomes.

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Program Overview

Data science is the study of extracting meaningful insights from data. It is a forward-looking approach focusing on analysing the past or current data and predicting future outcomes to make informed decisions.

Regardless of industry or size, organisations that wish to remain competitive in the age of Big Data need to develop and implement data science capabilities efficiently.
Produced and delivered by specialists and practitioners in the industry, our data science short course is perfect for anyone looking to develop their knowledge or learn new skills in this domain.

An Introduction will provide learners with an understanding of how to think in a data-analytics way, conduct investigations on business activity, rigorously analyse data and communicate results. You will learn how to present summarised findings to allow key stakeholders to make effective decisions.

Every topic will include a practical or lab component.

Learning Objectives

Delivery Format

Live online classes will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays, students will be given work to complete during the week. Please see the calendar for the full schedule.

Faculty Profile

Name : Lekha Janardhan
I have a total of 3 years of experience in training and 2 years in the industry as a Data Scientist I worked with Favtutor, Great learning etc.. I transformed my career from being a physics and mathematics lecturer to a data scientist – I want to motivate others who wants to change their career.